What Should We Look for in Senior Leaders?

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14 thoughts on “What Should We Look for in Senior Leaders?

  1. Great post. You comment on one point applying to middle leaders as well. Reading it I think you could apply a lot of it to middle leaders. We have lots of potential in our middle leaders, what advice would you give to them in preparing to move to senior leadership?

    • Thanks for the comment Sean. My advice would be “keep leading”. The skills we all develop as middle leaders are the bedrock of our work as senior leaders. There is a temptation to sometimes get on “doing jobs”, this is important in keeping schools functioning but not leadership. Find something that excites and fascinates you about learning, teaching, students’ development and get other people involved in making a difference. Good luck.

      • Thanks. Clarifies some of my thoughts. I often see middle leaders wanting some form of ‘elusive’ CPD to prepare them for senior leadership. My response is to carry on doing a good job as middle leader, that’s the best prep.

    • Hi Sean,
      Just read, with interest Stephen’s reply, then yours that follow this question. I am a middle leader that has already applied for (and been interviewed) for several Assistant Head jobs – I have been told that I loads of potential but not enough whole school experience? – I have been a middle leader in a large school (over a dept of 12 staff for 10 years – so how do I pick up what you describe ‘as the best prep’? I should add that in that time, my department has gone from strength to strength.

      • Dear Fiona,
        Time for a chat with your Head or other member of the SLT – two things: what does s/he think is holding you back (stress you want a really honest answer) and secondly think of a whole school area that really interests you and excites you – offer to lead or help lead it without any extra pay or time. This is a tough one but throughout my career various heads have asked me to do thing as they would be “good professional development” for me. Good luck.

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  3. This is a really interesting post – shame Jill’s topic missed out by one vote, because this is definitely an area that would benefit from discussion at #SLTchat. A thoughtful post like this one is really helpful for any aspiring school leader. Thanks!

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