PRP – “We’re in the Wrong Jungle!”

I’m now blogging from a new site and you can find the post “PRP – We’re in the Wrong Jungle!” here.

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3 thoughts on “PRP – “We’re in the Wrong Jungle!”

  1. If you are in the jungle care for every part of it and make sure it grows green and lush. The fruit and rich soil will enable all the animals to live rich, rewarding and healthy lives. As for chopping down the jungle throw the invaders out as the destroy the lungs of the earth. The future.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks.
    I don’t envy head teachers right now but you are clearly trying to find the best and most equitable way to approach this really tricky subject.
    I hate the notion that we should pit teacher against teacher and pay the one who rises to the top, because perhaps not all heads will be as fair minded as you and the judgements are surely horribly subjective.
    Good luck with writing your new pay policy, hope it doesn’t take over your summer!

    • Thanks for the comment Sue. I wasn’t sure whether to use jungles or minefields in the post. PRP won’t have an impact on standards and so just seems an unnecessary diversion and waste of time.

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