Just So You Know

Dear all,

Thank you for following my blog “HeadStMary”.  I’ve noticed a few people have started to follow it quite recently, even over the past few days.  I no longer blog from this site as I have switched all my blogging over to http://www.leadinglearner.me  If you don’t yet follow the LeadingLearner blog please think about switching over.  I also tweet out as @LeadingLearner.

Best wishes,


Leading Learner Twitter

2 thoughts on “Just So You Know

  1. Hi Stephen
    Probably recent flurry is due to links from other sites that mention your blog.
    I landed here from TeacherTweaks who have had blog post on EdEssential
    Maybe some other sites that link to your blog may have this old address, so when they have a popular post you will get new wave of people dropping by.
    Off to look at your new site – so will ‘see’ you there
    Oh! And check out the TeacherTweaks post they are very positive about you!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Had to move from HeadStMarys as we will be appointing a new person now I’ve become Executive Head. Hopefully the links work and it’s not too much hassle for people. Enjoy the new blog site.



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