5 thoughts on “Blogging Barons & Heineken Tweeters

  1. Your blogs are rather like fashion: you want to try something that you are not quite sure about but then realise that many others are athinking like you and that you are not so crazy! Thanks for that in what can seem a crazy ever changing fashion: education!

  2. Thanks for the mention – I’m very flattered!

    Re: Twitter, I know what you mean about the separation. I started my twitter account as @hildrewmedia for my sixth form media students, and rebranded it @chrishildrew when I got my Deputy Headship. It still feels a bit dual purpose! I also manage the school twitter account @chewvalleysch which is a celebration and notification account – like an online bulletin board – whereas mine is much more personal. I use hash tags to separate Media Studies tweets (#mediatweet) from the others.

    For following lots of people, you really need to use Twitter lists. I have lists of English tweeters, Media tweeters, and Leadership tweeters but you can have as many as you like! I then use Flipboard on my iPad and iPhone and Tweetdeck on the computer to keep track of my lists as the native Twitter apps on iOS and the web are too fiddly.

    Really enjoyed this post and your blog as a whole has been a big source of inspiration for me. I haven’t read you Masterchef III post though – I’ll check it out now!

    • You’re welcome, Chris. I need to get my act together. Will possibly start using @ExecutiveHT as my blogging and professional tweeting account from September when the new job starts.

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