6 thoughts on “Advice to New Senior Leaders

  1. Great stuff, Stephen. Have just spent the day in Cambridge leading a course on Preparing for Senior Leadership. I talked about the power of Twitter for CPD and the value of #SLTchat. Will now retweet this and hope they have all signed up/are following me/will read it! Thank you!

    • Dear Jill,
      Thanks for the note. Twitter & blogging have been a revelation to me over recent months. The ability to personalise CPD by following people with similar interests is a huge bonus. Hope you had a great day in Cambridge.

  2. I was particularly struck by:

    “If you think that is difficult the other dimension of loyalty is even more challenging – being honest with the headteacher if s/he is making her/himself look like a total wally or doing something that has had an unforeseen negative impact on the school. This is tough but it goes with the job. A Head may not immediately thank you for your honesty – ride out any momentary storm – but the ones that are worth working with will take a chance to reflect and recognise if s/he has got it wrong. Your wise counsel and early warning will be valued.”

    If SLT don’t tell heads the truth, who will?

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