Who Do You Bring to Leadership?

I’m now blogging from a new site http://www.leadinglearner.me and you can find the post “Who Do You Bring to Leadership?” here.

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12 thoughts on “Who Do You Bring to Leadership?

  1. Food for thought!! I guess we’re all a bit of a mixture and the challenge is getting the balance right for the many and varied situations that get thrown our way.

    • Spot on Maria. It starts with knowing yourself well, controlling some of our traits when needed and understanding others (empathy). It’s how we actually influence others but it is a challenge.

  2. Always find your posts interesting. You seem to have a similar philosophy to our school. I would be interested in visiting if that is possible as not far away.

    • Sean, You would be welcome and I’d be happy to set something up. Can you call the school and either chat then or leave me a contact number – 01253 396286. Mention the blog and it will nudge my memory. Thanks for the note.

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  6. Hello! As soon as I saw the ice-berg picture I knew you were talking about the Hay Group! I’ve also been lucky enough to experience one of their Leadership Programmes. I have come across your blog whilst looking for examples of how schools use SOLO taxonomy – so thank you for sharing the good practice in your school.

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